The Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre was conceptualized in March of 2014 with the objective to create a state of the art cinema on Main Street in downtown Harbor Springs. A small group of civic minded individuals discussed the importance of the economic impact that this amazing facility would bring to Harbor Springs and the surrounding community. One of its main objectives would be to attract customers to The Lyric though out all twelve months of the year. Successful revitalizations of local movie houses had been successful in other Michigan cities like Frankfort, Grayling, Elk Rapids, Suttons Bay, Manistee, and Traverse City. All of these remodeled theaters brought thousands of customers on an annual basis to their downtown areas. This resulted in an economic boost of activity for all of their restaurants and businesses. It also created a cultural center for the local residents, summer communities, and seasonal visitors.

It was decided, that the name “ Lyric “ should be used to honor and bring forward all of the wonderful good will and memories that remained with the community of the original Lyric Theatre. After 35 years, there would be movies back on Main Street! The Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre would be just one block away from the original which closed its doors in 1981.

After the initial planning concepts were in place, the building site was purchased at 275 East Main Street in 2014. A successful fundraising effort was conducted the following year, and phenomenal financial support was generated from visionary donors who believed in this significant and cultural project for their unique city. When the remodeling of the building started , it consisted of three large retail stores. Everything was removed and taken down to the original walls in order to create three new theater spaces that would be built inside the existing building. The remodeling started in November of 2015, with a completion date of the summer of 2016. The amazing fundraising, construction, planning, and supportive efforts by key individuals, foundations, and businesses made this state of the art theater become a reality.