Lyric Candy

We hope that you will always enjoy visiting the concession area when you come to The Lyric. Our specially sourced organic popcorn which is popped in safflower oil is always HOT and FRESH. We will also be featuring real butter to be used for the popcorn buckets on request. Our front counter will have all of your classic movie candy favorites like Good and Plenty, Milk Duds, Dots, Kit Kat, Junior Mints, and more. We also will have several specialty food items which our customers will enjoy because they are sourced from local businesses. Our soda machines will serve a variety of Coke products, and our counter coolers with have many other beverages such as teas, juices, waters, Vernor’s, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, Faygo Cherry, Faygo Orange, and Half and Half Lemonades.

For those over the age of 21, the Lyric also offers a fine selection of domestic, imported, and Michigan brewed beers. Hard ciders and a selection of wine are also available.

Concession Menu

Credit/debit cards are accepted

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