Sponsor a Seat

Seat Sponsorships

Sponsoring theater seats is an important way to support your community’s Lyric Theatre. It also provides a unique recognition opportunity. Many Lyric supporters have sponsored one or more seats to mark their place in our theater’s history. The seat plaques will have the name of the donor, their children, grandchildren, business, foundation, organization, or special interest. Several sponsors have given seats in memory of a loved one. There are still seats available in the three theaters, and our goal is to have them completely subscribed by the opening of the Lyric in July. You can sponsor a seat at The Lyric Theatre for $1,000.

All seat sponsorships are 100% tax deductible.

Additional Information

If you have further questions about sponsoring a seat, please contact:

Scott Langton, Executive Director Harbor Springs Lyric Theatre
Email: sel@lyricharborsprings.org
Phone: 231-622-6366

Our generous donors have made this important community theater possible, and we hope you will join this group of visionary community leaders.

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