Parking Lyric Theatre Harbor Springs


The three best ways to avoid parking problems at The Lyric would be to walk, ride your bike or scooter, or be dropped off at the front entrance at 275 East Main Street in our designated loading zone. The best place to park would be the large parking area located on Bay Street. This allows the other merchants some immediate parking for their businesses, and the Bay Street lot has the best selection of parking and is only one block away. Also it is nice to allow Main Street and Third Street parking to remain open since theater goers are inside for several hours at a time.

Parking Bikes Lyric Theatre Harbor Springs

Bikes & Scooters

There are two large bike racks located right across Main street alongside the white picnic tables, a small rack in front of the theater, and a large rack alongside the rear of the theater off of Third Street. These bike racks are available for movie patrons & downtown visitors so bikes will not obstruct the sidewalk area in front of the entrance to the theater. This keeps the front entrance open for drop offs and pick up of people who may need special assistance.

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